About Us

Baboon Clockwork is one of the two teams from the Penn High School Amboseli Project.

The Amboseli Project at Penn is a collaboration between one of Shellie Harshberger’s freshmen biology classes, Kevin¬†McNulty, the mass media instructor, and Dr. Elizabeth Archie, a professor at Notre Dame.

Dr. Archie is a researcher who studies baboons at Amboseli National Park in Kenya, Africa. The mission of the Amboseli project is to present the findings of Dr. Archie and her comrades in a impressive format for the public eye.

Dr. Archie informing us about baboons on our trip to Notre Dame University.

Baboon Clockwork’s focus is to analyze how the microbiomes of baboons affect their health, behavior, and their evolution. We have broken into smaller teams within our group to investigate how microbiomes work in baboons.

The first team is making a mini documentary on baboons. In this mini- documentary, there are clips of Dr. Archie talking about microbiomes and baboons.

Filmmakers Carter Graf and Camryn Szynski are discussing the next steps in the editing process.


Our second team is focused on writing posts. Our posts are about how microbiomes in baboons can affect their health, behavior, and evolution. Within this team, there is a group working on infographics.

Writers Anne Goralczyk and Annabelle Curylo working on the posts, and Nourra Miss working on social media.


The third team is in charge of media. This includes taking photos of the group, bringing in photos to use in the website, and social media.

Noelle Zolman tweeting photos of our team working.

As always, enjoy our website, check us out on Twitter, and email us if you have a question or complaint.